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Meet the Team

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Meet the Team

Lalit Abichandani

Lalit Abichandani, CPA, CGMA has nearly 40 years of experience in Public Accounting and Taxation. He began his professional career in Mumbai, India, and spent a few years in the Middle East as a Controller for a Multinational Hotel Chain. He migrated to the United States in 1982, where he became a licensed CPA. From there, Lalit spent time working as a Senior Accountant for an Employment Agency followed by 5 years at a reputable CPA firm, where he gained valuable experience in US Taxation.

With his experience in both US & Indian accounting, Lalit chose to prioritize helping small businesses thrive by creating his own firm in 1991 in New York City. Since then, he has been helping small businesses and individuals by creating customized solutions that are tailored to each client’s specific needs. He understands taxation in both the United States and India on a deep level, and specializes in international taxation and US treaties with different countries.

Over the years, Lalit, along with his team, has built a reputation for quality service, empathy, and a true desire to help clients with complex taxation and compliance issues. He is known within his community as 'Your Tax Advisor™' and the go to guy for any US tax problems.

Lalit has an Accounting degree from the University of Mumbai as well as a diploma from NYU in Accounting and Finance. He enjoys connecting with the community and appears regularly on the ITV Gold show and YouTube channel, 'Your Money Your Taxes,' helping both US residents and non-residents navigate taxation and compliance issues.

Anand Sanghvi

Anand is a Chartered Accountant and Certified Public Accountant (USA) with unique and balanced experience of over a decade in both large enterprises and start-up environments. His focus is Group Business development and core expertise lies in Financial Valuation and Transaction Structuring practices. Anand has been on-boarded as a partner of ABIC Tax Advisors LLC, and he leads US GAAP Technical Accounting, Valuation Advisory, Client relationships and Business Development vertical for ABIC Tax Advisors LLC.

Anand thrives in M&As, Valuation for Financial Reporting and Regulatory Purposes, Due Diligence and Corporate Finance. He advises clients on structuring of the transaction for deal making and Valuation for Financial Reporting Purposes under IFRS, Indian GAAP and US GAAP.

He is a holder of Diploma in IFRS from ACCA Board (UK) and also pursuing Final Level of Chartered Financial Analysts (Global CFA).

In his role as a Partner of ABIC Tax Advisors LLC, he actively identifies new markets, shapes success paths, plan and forecasts. His responsibilities spans across Strategy, Business Development and Management of ABIC Tax Advisors LLC.

Jay Trivedi
CFA(ICFAI), MS (Finance)

Jay is a Chartered Financial Analyst and MS (Finance) with unique advantage of working in English and Nordic Countries. His core expertise lies in Accounting and CFO Support Practices. Jay has been on-boarded as a partner in ABIC Tax Advisors LLC and he leads the Accounting & Book keeping and CFO Support Services vertical of the company.

As an Accounting expert his nearly decade of career spans across CFO Support, Financial Reporting and Financial Budgeting / MIS Reporting. Jay has diversified experience of managing Accounts and Finance vertical across 10 geographies and practical knowledge of 11 different accounting software. Jay is currently managing clients across – USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Norway.

Jay has been conferred the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and MS (Finance) certification by the ICFAI.

In his current role as the part of the management team, Jay is primarily responsible for overall technical inputs, execution of projects, business development, and strategy implementation of QuickBooks and Non-QuickBooks client. He actively steers branding of the group and the company.

Chittrarth Mehta
Jr. Partner

Chitrarth Mehta is a qualified Chartered Accountant from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and Certified Public Accountant from the state of Arizona. As an experienced Tax Professional, Chitrarth has unique focus on understanding day to day Tax updates from Internal Revenue Service (IRS) . He understand the early growth companies to large behemoths in various segments with revenues going up to USD 300Mn.

Chitrarth brings to table his expertise in Tax preparation and review experience of Corporations (C Corp & S Corp), Partnerships and Individuals. Within a short span he has accumulated deep understanding of complex US Federal and State Tax laws. Not only is Chitrarth Mehta a CPA from the state of Arizona and Member of ICAI, but post his distinctive qualification he has worked closely at US Top four Public accounting firms – KPMG and E&Y along with one of the Top 25 US CPA Firm – Citrin Cooperman. Over his 5 Years of Professional journey with these public accounting firms, Chitrarth has also prepared white paper on some of the very complex topics of the US Tax and published the same over the LinkedIn network (Like Sec. 965 Tax, TCJA and Secondary Adjustment).

With his special expertise, he plays a critical role in understanding the applicable tax provisions to the client and provide his valuable inputs to the team. Also during busy USA tax season his in-depth experience is vital to meet high demand.

In his present capacity, Chitrarth serves ABIC tax Advisors LLC as a Tax Partner. He will take on the responsibilities of client accounts from his area of expertise and regions.

Ravi Shah
Team Lead-Tax & Accounts

Ravi Shah is a qualified Chartered Accountant from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Ravi has an experience of more than 8 years for the various countries which includes US,Canada & India. With the comprehensive expertise of managing the overseas books, He stepped into US taxations, US Bookkeeping and finalization of accounts for US clients as well since last 4 years.

Ravi has worked extensively understanding the business processes and establishing efficient Accounting and Financial reporting processes throughout his career. He has an extensive experience of designing and implementing financial budgeting system as well. As a part of his overall work experience towards US Tax side, Ravi has worked on more than 200 Corporations and 300 Individuals tax returns within last two years and has got good grip on overall US tax compliance and related issues.

In his present capacity, Ravi serves ABIC Tax Advisors as a Team lead for the bookkeeping operations and US Tax Operations.