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Overseas Investors: Non-Residents & Expats

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We'd be happy to help you with the following services for overseas investors:

International Tax issues for Visiting Artists and Performers
Your Tax Advisor specializes in taxation planning for overseas musicians, artists and performers looking to host shows and tours in the USA. We help navigate tax issues when performing in multiple states around the country.
Foreign Bank Account / FATCA Reporting
The IRS has made cracking down on offshore tax evasion a top enforcement priority and compliance pressure for U.S. taxpayers with offshore accounts is only going to increase. We have an excellent track record in resolving offshore bank account issues and have helped hundreds of clients with Offshore Voluntary Disclosures. We deal directly with IRS Revenue Agents & Investigators working on your case.
Streamlined Procedure, OVDP Compliance
The IRS recently announced major changes to its offshore voluntary compliance programs, providing new options to help taxpayers residing both overseas and in the United States. We have successfully handled hundreds of cases and are very experienced in effectively counseling clients on which compliance path best fits the particular facts and circumstances of their case.
US Tax Treaty Issues (India and Other Countries)
We are tax specialists in DTAA (US India Tax Treaty), and can work with individuals on any cross border issues related to US/India taxation.