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Business Accounting Services

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Helping Businesses Operate in New York City, NY

Operating a business in the United States, especially in NY, can be difficult. When conducting our tax services for business clients, our firm can also help fulfill any accounting and payroll needs. Your Tax Advisor™ provides tax, accounting, and payroll service packages for medium-sized businesses in Midtown Manhattan, other areas of the United States, and other countries across the globe.


As tax advisors first and foremost, our firm starts with serving your tax needs. Your Tax Advisor™ prepares, files, and plans for all business taxes: sales, payroll, and corporate income taxes.  We also offer tax support in the event of an IRS audit or other issue.

Once your business hires us to work on its taxes, we can also address your accounting and payroll needs.


Some of our clients need particular tax assistance because they want to launch a new business. Your Tax Advisor™ offers business formation services for citizens, residents, and overseas investors looking to create a business in Midtown Manhattan. If it comes time to close a business, we can also assist in the dissolution process.

Once the business is operational and we are handling its taxes, Your Tax Advisor™ provides general accounting services, such as compiling financial records, reconciling bank accounts, and maintaining the general ledger. We also conduct reviews for companies in need of minor assurance services.


One of the taxes we are able to prepare, file, plan for, and support are the monthly payroll taxes of your company. However, Your Tax Advisor™ can also prepare and file the monthly payroll reports, as well as manage time card corrections, for businesses in need of a dedicated payroll professional.

The Businesses We Serve

One of the more difficult businesses to start is one which operates across the borders of the U.S.A. Our firm helps overseas investors, residents, and expats launch their business within the United States; we will help you throughout the formation and management of your venture.

Your Tax Advisor™ also provides solutions for unique accounting challenges in the following industries:

  • Medical Services Industry – Physicians, Medical Practices, and Dental Practices
  • Hospitality – Hotels and Motels
  • IT and Staffing Professionals
  • Day Trading
  • Entertainment Professionals – Bollywood Actors, Producers, and More

Contact Us for Your Business Support Needs

Your Tax Advisor™ provides business tax, accounting, and payroll services in Midtown Manhattan, across the United States, and from other countries. To learn more about us, call our firm today.

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