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Your Tax Advisor™

Tax Planning, Current & Prior Year Tax Filing

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Tax Planning, Current & Prior Year Tax Filing

The United States of America has a system of tax laws that are difficult to navigate. The team of CPA?s at Your Tax Advisor™ has 27 years of experience in helping clients plan ahead for their taxes, compliance, and reporting needs. We provide these services for residents, non-residents, and expats in NYC, Orlando, throughout the United States and across the globe.

Tax Planning

Individuals prepare and file their tax returns every year, hoping that they successfully pay off their taxes owed for the year. However, failing to keep detailed accounts or stay aware of your financial situation can lead to missed deductions, inaccurate reports, and potential IRS penalties. Planning ahead with our experienced CPAs for your unique situation allows you to be more prepared and helps you find new deductions and avoid extraneous obligations for the upcoming tax year, all within the bounds of the law.

Tax Preparation

Your Tax Advisor™ prepares hundreds of tax returns each year. Our experience in United States tax law lets us work on your city, state, and federal tax returns. When you file a tax return with Your Tax Advisor™, your return is prepared by one of our experienced CPAs and reviewed multiple times by a tax preparation software. This preparation and review process ensures that any potential problems on your tax return are discovered before the return is filed to the IRS, reducing the likelihood that you are contacted to review your return.

Once your return has been verified for accuracy, we can file it electronically to help you receive your return faster. Once the return is filed, our staff will then help you with the tax planning process by identifying deductions for the following tax year that will help you reduce your tax liability.