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Filing Taxes in New York City, NY

Today's tax laws are complicated enough that filing any tax return can be confusing. Missing out on credits and deductions you are eligible for can lead to you having a higher tax debt than you are legally obliged to pay. Simply put, there is no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional.

Your Tax Advisor™ provides tax preparation services for businesses and individuals in Midtown Manhattan, across the United States, and across the globe. 

A Full Range of Tax Services

Your Tax Advisor™ prepares hundreds of tax returns each year. Our experience in United States tax law lets us work on your city, state, and federal tax returns. We also have unique experience in filing tax returns which involve overseas bank accounts, living outside of the U.S., or being a foreign resident with any kind of visa. In addition to your personal tax returns, we also provide full tax services for businesses; our team of CPAs can help you fulfill your company’s monthly, quarterly, and annual tax obligations.

We do not stop at preparing taxes when it comes to helping our clients. We also help you prepare for next year’s tax returns, including year-end projections for individuals in all walks of life. Planning ahead helps you find new deductions and avoid extraneous obligations for the upcoming tax year, all within the bounds of the law.

Our Approach to Taxes

When you file a tax return with Your Tax Advisor™, your return is prepared by one of our experienced CPAs and reviewed multiple times by a tax preparation software. This preparation and review process ensures that any potential problems on your tax return are discovered before the return is filed to the IRS, reducing the likelihood that you are contacted to review your return.

Once your return has been verified for accuracy, we can file it electronically to help you receive your return faster. Once the return is filed, our staff will then help you with the tax planning process by identifying deductions for the following tax year. This includes a printed sheet of commonly missed tax deductions to remind you of the deductions that will help you reduce your tax liability.

If you purchased our tax services for your business, we can combine our business tax services with bookkeeping and other accounting services.

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Your Tax Advisor™ helps individuals and businesses in Midtown Manhattan, throughout the United States, and across the globe. For more information about our tax preparation services, contact our firm today and schedule a consultation.

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