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Taxation, Compliance & Tax Planning

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Taxation, Compliance & Tax Planning

Cross-border transactions and investments have caused complexity and uncertainty in tax matters. International Taxation is a complex subject that should be tackled only through professional advisory and consultancy. Our guidance helps in ascertaining the precise tax liability, tax planning and minimization of double taxation. We have associates in Canada and India for required local tax filings and support the following cross-border tax concerns:

  • Elimination of double taxation
  • Certainty of tax treatment
  • Prevention of tax discrimination
  • Resolution of cross-border tax issues
  • Personal income tax filing in Canada & India
  • Taxation of business income from overseas
  • Taxation of income from immovable properties overseas
  • Taxation of income from interest/dividend/capital gains overseas
  • Taxation on the income of visiting entertainers and athletes
  • Controlled foreign corporations
  • Beneficial ownership overseas
  • Overseas interest partnerships
  • Royalties and fees for technical services for Non-Residents
  • Withholding taxes for earned and unearned income for students / Non-Residents